Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Territory...

Life immediately slowed down as soon as I stepped off that plane, well, the old man in front of me was walking the pace of a snail...and that's when it hit me, I'm no longer required to rush around like a crazy person, I'm not in New York anymore. No longer do I need to walk at an unhumanly pace, losing my breathe, and trying to race past the person in front of me. I'm not in New York anymore. But, I still felt this urge, this crazy energy emerging from me, I wanted to run the old man in front of me over...STOP WALKING SO SLOW! I was saying very unlady like things in my mind to this poor, innocent, old man, just because he wasn't walking at my approved pace.

My wonderful boyfriend greets me at the airport, and then explains to me how he has to rush back to work, cause he was already running late from picking me up. At first I was bummed but then soon after realized, I'm going to see him everyday! It was sort of surreal at the moment...I've never lived anywhere other than New York, and with my parents. This was going to be quite an adventure!

Daniel drops me home and I am faced with the challenge of finding something to do. Ideally, I grab the tv remote, sit on my ass, and watch some of the Food Network programming. Then this crazy thing dawned upon me, "Maybe I should like, clean or something." So I did. Once the dishes, laundry, and my room were spotless, I decided that I would call my mom, just to say hey. When she asked me what I was doing, I was a bit afraid to tell her how I did an obscene amount of chores, something I never did living with her, I feared she would yell at me, so I told her I was watching tv.

By the time Daniel got off of work I was starving! I was afraid to eat the food in my own house, forgetting that I was no longer a guest, the food in the fridge was now also partly mine. I told Daniel that we should go out and get something to eat, in which he replied, "If anything is open." Devastation hit. It was only about 9 at night on a Sunday, something had to be least I was praying to God that something would be open.

I come from the city that never sleeps, and coming from me, let's just say this new city, is very well rested.

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