Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It was a week until I was moving out of my parent's house and I was starting to get excited about leaving my city and starting my life in a new one. Another thing I was pretty excited about was the fact that my parents were going to throw me a barbeque for it, little did I know, that would be my last good meal for awhile. 

As I sat there with my family and friends, I started realizing how much I was truly going to miss them, and I realized that no matter what I did, they were always there to support me, and if things didn't go according to plan I had people to come home to, and they would be there with big open arms, and of course the "I told you so." But whatever, everyone needs their fifteen minutes of glory. 
I finally get on the plane, teary eyed, and feeling like a little girl, missing mommy already, but then I put on my big girl panties and said, "Brittany, you're an adult now, time to act like it." So with those words of wisdom from myself, I stopped crying, but I also stopped crying because I got excited that I would shortly be receiving my free bag of pretzels and can of coke, the flight attendant was at the row in front of me.

We land in Detroit, where I am always under the impression that whenever I call my grandma she will answer the phone, she didn't this time either. I make my way through this enormous airport, where I was already feeling like an outsider, little did I know I actually had something in common with these people, we were classified, Northerners. 

I'm on my final flight; it's just like the other flights, long enough, boring, with a screaming child next to me, except this flight didn't have pretzels, they had peanuts, so I was a bit disappointed.(for those who know me, they understand my hatred towards peanuts and any of its other products.) This flight seemed unusually long, though it was only a 2 hour flight, I was getting nervous at the fact that this was the last plane I was going to be on for awhile. It wasn't like, I was on the plane already counting down the days til I had to be on the one going back home, no, this was now the flight taking me home.

We finally land in Nashville. I'm greeted by tons of southern accents, country music, and enormous replicas of guitars. "Welcome to Nashville, The Music City." I was definitely out of my element, even the greeting signs were nice and friendly...this definitely wasn't New York.

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